Zion Custom Air is the leading expert in certifying that your heating system is safe and efficient for the holiday and winter seasons for you and your loved ones. According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for approximately half of the typical home's energy consumption. So, it just makes sense to call Zion, whose specialists are not only concerned about your system, but your finances as well. When the temperatures drop in Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and Palmdale, you depend on the reliability of your heater to keep your home warm and cozy. But, in the event an issue does arise, whether you need a tune-up, a repair, or an entire furnace replacement, you can count on Zion Custom Air. We are skilled and confident that we can solve all of your heating issues. The safety and comfort of our customers is our number one priority.

Furnace? Heat Pump? What type of heating system do I have?

There are several ways that Southern California residents heat their homes. According to Energy Upgrade California.org, 65% of homes in California use natural gas furnaces to heat their homes. Furnaces are fueled by natural gas, electricity, oil (diesel fuel), or propane. If you have a heating unit that is in a closet, attic, or garage connected to a network of ducts, more than likely you have a furnace heating system. Another popular heating option here in Southern California is heat pumps. Heat pumps do double duty as a source of heat and air conditioning. They are used in conjunction with condensing units, mini-splits (ductless system), or ducted splits. If you do not see a visible heating component in a closet, garage, or attic, you might have a heat pump heating system or a packaged unit furnace. By checking the housing of your air conditioning unit, or looking up the model number of your system, you will be able to determine if your home is heated by a heat pump or furnace. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to give Zion Custom Air a call, we would be happy to help!


In the extreme temperatures of the Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita, Zion Custom Air, ensures that your furnace is running optimally, safely, and efficiently. Because furnaces use combustion to create heat, it is imperative that you use a company with the knowledge of the potential hazards that these systems may incur. Zion Custom Air provides the expertise to service these furnaces with the utmost of care for the safety of you and your loved ones. Our precision workmanship gives peace of mind to our clients that their home and system are in good hands. Zion Custom Air builds customized heating systems that last. Don't hesitate to give us a call today to experience our customized, five-star rated service for yourself!

The professionals at Zion Custom Air are extremely knowledgeable in both ductless and ducted mini-split systems. We install, maintain, and repair these systems for all of your heating and cooling needs. Although mini-splits use a heat pump for their heating element, we consider these units in a category of their own. Mini-splits are often used in homes where space is limited, or where unique heating challenges are present. Zion Custom Air specializes in building heating systems that last and are unique and specific to the home that houses them. If you are interested in learning more about these systems, and wish to experience our unmatched five-star rated service, give us a call today!

Heat pumps are another type of heating system popular in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita residences. These systems heat your home using electricity. So, in order to keep your electricity bill low in the winter, it is imperative to ensure that the system is functioning optimally at peak performance. The professionals at Zion Custom Air are skilled in all aspects of heat pump operation. With our unmatched troubleshooting skills, we will completely resolve any issue that your heat pump may present. We keep a fully stocked truck, in order to keep your home warm and comfortable with the minimal amount of downtime. Give us a call today for the customized service that only Zion Custom Air can provide.

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