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Although less common than gas furnaces, heat pumps are widely used in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita homes. Zion Custom Air is the name you can trust to install, maintain, and service your heat pump system. Heat pumps require proper maintenance, and unlike the furnace, both your air conditioning and heating system depends on them either pumping hot air into or out of your home. Heat pumps work best in moderate climates as they use the outside air to effectively heat and cool your home. Heat pumps can be combined in a package unit, used ducted in a split system, or inside of a mini-split. These versatile systems can be great for heating your entire home, or just portions of it with unique heating and air conditioning challenges. The specialists at Zion Custom Air can handle any heat pump job large or small, and we love to impart our knowledge to our clients. So if you're looking for friendly, yet professional service, give us a call. We're here 24/7 if you need us.


Out-dated system beyond repair?

Nothing lasts forever. We, at Zion Custom Air, understand that sometimes a big fix can turn into a small fortune. So, rather than perform an expensive repair on your heat pump system, a new cost-effective system may be a simple solution for your needs. As technology advances, so do the improvements in the HVAC industry. Replacing an outdated system that has turned into a money pit is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of higher efficiency units that will produce huge savings in your bank account, as well as benefiting from rebates from your local energy company. Zion Custom Air uses high-quality equipment and we build systems that will stand the test of time and with regular maintenance may run far beyond its predicted lifespan.

Secret to your HVAC system's success!

As a homeowner, not many things can be more frustrating than a costly unexpected expense. At Zion Custom Air, we like to give our customers the best chance of avoiding such an expense with our maintenance agreement program. We recommend two visits per year; once before summer, and once before winter. At which time, our experts can provide vital maintenance that can help prevent heat pump system failure and determine any areas of concern in the system as well. The maintenance contract program also allows you to protect the investment of your heating and cooling system. Heat pumps that are well maintained are less likely to fail and can run well beyond its 15 to 20-year life expectancy. Additionally, our maintenance agreement subscribers benefit from additional savings should a failure ever occur.

Solution-oriented to give you options

In the unfortunate event when a failure in your heat pump system does occur, Zion Custom Air is here 24/7 for you and your home. We understand that there may be multiple fixes to the same problem at varying price points. This is why we try to offer the best solution personalized just for you and your budget. Perhaps your system is old and will be in need of replacement in a few years, instead of replacing your entire system, there may be a cost-effective repair that will allow you to get the most out of your system's lifespan. Our HVAC professionals are honest, friendly, and professional. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction, and our customers agree. We are proud to have 5-star reviews across all platforms. Don't hesitate to give us a call today!

What is AFUE and What Does It Mean For My Energy Bill?

AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency for furnaces or boilers. So, the AFUE number on your furnace represents the percentage of fuel that is actually converted into heat when your furnace is running. So, if your furnace's AFUE number is 80, then that means that 80% of the of the fuel that it takes is is used for heat, while the remaining 10% is wasted in the exhaust. So, one can conclude that the higher AFUE number on your furnace will mean a smaller energy bill. For example, lets say you have a furnace with an AFUE of 65 AFUE. If you upgraded to the minimum standards of efficiency within the state of California, 80 AFUE, you are looking at an energy bill that is nearly 20% cheaper than your current bill. Practically, with normal heating use, this translates into nearly $200 of savings per year. Furnaces today can have up to a whopping 98 AFUE. Imagine the savings! Is your furnace on its last legs? If so, do you want to perform a costly repair your old unit, does it have a few more years left, or is it time for the newer higher efficiency unit. Zion Custom Air loves to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions about questions like these. No job is too large or too small for our specialists. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and your comfort as well as your finances is our priority. Don't hesitate to call Zion Custom Air if you would like a free estimate for a new heating system customized for your needs and built to last.
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