• Whole-house fans work to cool your home when the outside temperature is lower than your inside temperature. Some of you may be familiar with using a box fan in your window sill to draw the cool air from outside your window into the room. The whole-house fan works basically in the same manner, but on a larger more technical, and efficient scale. In the day during summer months, homeowners typically use their air conditioning units when they are home and turn them off or program their thermostat on a higher temperature while away.  The whole-house fan reduces the amount of time your air conditioning unit stays on (if it needs to come on at all).  As the temperature drops, the homeowner would open the windows and/or doors and then proceed to turn on the whole-house fan. The whole-house fan, mounted in the attic, would then suck the cool fresh air from outside while at the same time exhausting the hot air up and out through installed attic vents. So, it ventilates the attic while at the same time drawing massive amounts of cool air in. This cycle continues, effectively cooling your home through the night. As a result, the homeowner wouldn't have to turn the air conditioner on until later in the day (if home) or for only a short period of time in the evening. These savings would be exponentially higher during the spring and fall months, as we Southern Californians know, the drop in temperature between night and day are significant during these seasons. You could potentially cool your home all day without ever turning the air conditioner on. Zion Custom Air has the expert, technical knowledge to properly build and customize a whole- house fan system according to the specifications of your home, and comfort level needs. Give us a call today for a free estimate or to check the efficiency of your current whole house fan system. 


  • A residential economizer works in a similar fashion as a whole-house fan, however, it is a better choice for those individuals who do not like unfiltered air blowing in their home (we're looking at you allergy sufferers), or are in a climate where they are typically in bed before the temperatures outside reach the optimal level to properly cool your home. The residential economizer works in conjunction with your home air handler, and during operation of your air conditioning unit. Basically, the economizer supplies the air conditioner with filtered outdoor air when the air conditioner is on and the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature. Therefore, the load on your air conditioner is reduced and your energy savings are increased. You will be using cooler outdoor air to cool your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita home but with filtered conditioned air. Zion Custom Air builds comfort systems that last. If you think the residential economizer is right for you, or need help deciding which ventilation system would work best for your needs, give Zion Custom Air a call and get a free quote. 


Another component of your home comfort system includes ventilation systems such as attic fans, whole-house fans, and residential economizers. Proper ventilation of excess heat from your home in the summer will dramatically increase your energy savings. However, it's not only during summer months that these systems save you big, but during the spring and fall as well. These ventilation systems are a perfect solution for days when it's cooler outside than it is in your home. In addition, used in conjunction with your home heating and air conditioning system, your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita home can be more efficiently heated and cooled all year-round. Zion Custom Air are experts in determining which system is best for the design of your home and comfort needs. However, we love to educate our clients as well and provide options so that they can make an informed decision on their own comfort needs. So, whether you like to investigate and do your own research or leave all the work to our pros, we will customize the perfect system for all of your ventilation needs. Don't hesitate to give us a call today for all of your ventilation questions, concerns, or for a free estimate on a ventilation system for your home. 


  • The function of these units is to essentially ventilate your attic by exhausting the hot air out of the attic by the use of a mechanical fan.  The temperature in your attic can reach a boiling 65ºF higher than the temperature outside. Meaning, if it's 95º outside, your attic temperature (including the lumber itself) can reach 160ºF.  When your attic reaches temperatures like these, the radiant heat can build up and heat up the ceiling in your home and your HVAC ductwork. This lowers the efficiency of your air conditioning system, and as a result, increases your energy consumption because you need to use your air conditioning unit longer in order to reach the desired temperature inside your home. Attic fans are meant to be used in conjunction with your air conditioning system, allowing it to run in shorter, more efficient cycles. So, depending on the size and insulation of your home, you may need one or two attic fans. Attic fans need to be installed properly by a knowledgeable expert in order to avoid creating negative pressure to build up in your attic. This negative pressure forces expensive cooled air from your air-conditioned home to be sucked up and out through the attic. Zion Custom Air are the professionals you can trust to keep your attic cool. Give us a call today for your free estimate on attic fan installation or to set up an appointment to check the pressure on your current attic fan. 



We Are Honest

Our service technicians at Zion Custom Air are precision experts in commercial HVACR. We are transparent. We do not have "hidden costs," and never complete any work without prior approval. We will inform and educate, if our clients so wish, as to what the issue is, each step needed to perform the required service, and will also provide any necessary tips that may help prevent future issues. Our service technicians are experts in refrigeration. Every part of your commercial refrigeration system is thoroughly inspected, maintained, and tested. You can trust Zion Custom Air to have the knowledge to get the job done right.

We Take Pride In Our Work

With our meticulous workmanship, Zion Custom Air treats your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita home with the utmost of care. Our work is clean, precise, and we never cut corners nor leave any screw unturned. Every part of your home comfort system is thoroughly inspected, maintained, and tested. Our thoroughness aims to find the root cause or predetermining factors that may prevent future issues from arising in your equipment. This is the kind of customized care we provide in order to uphold the highest standards of service.  

We Help You Save Money

Who doesn't love a good deal? We try to find the lowest price for equipment and parts so that we can pass the savings onto our clients. In addition, by performing the job right the first time, we help you save time and money from having someone come out twice for the same issue. Furthermore, we like to offer multiple solutions with varying price points if at all possible in order to keep your costs low to preserve your finances. With Zion Custom Air, you get the best at a price you can afford. 

We Offer The Best Value

We do more for the same rate as other companies. Our customized full-service is the best in the industry. We stay current on all of the latest tools and technology to give the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of your residential HVAC system at no additional cost. By being available for emergency services 24/7, you can be sure that your heating and air conditioning issues will be solved quickly and efficiently. Give us a call first, and there'll never be a need to call anyone else. 

We Value Every Client

We believe that comfort is not "one size fits all."  This is why we customize our service based on the needs of each individual homeowner in order to build long-lasting relationships. We couldn't do what we do without you. 

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