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Heat Pump
Heat Pump

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement

Although less common than gas furnaces, heat pumps are widely used in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita homes. Zion Custom Air is the name you can trust to install, maintain, and service your heat pump system. Heat pumps require proper maintenance, and unlike the furnace, both your air conditioning and heating system depends on them either pumping hot air into or out of your home. Heat pumps work best in moderate climates as they use the outside air to effectively heat and cool your home. Heat pumps can be combined in a package unit, used ducted in a split system, or inside of a mini-split. These versatile systems can be great for heating your entire home, or just portions of it with unique heating and air conditioning challenges. The specialists at Zion Custom Air can handle any heat pump job large or small, and we love to impart our knowledge to our clients. So if you're looking for friendly, yet professional service, give us a call. We're here 24/7 if you need us.

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Ductless Mini-Split

Zion Custom Air provides heating and cooling solutions for every home including those without accessible attic space to extend current ductwork, or install new ductwork. One such solution are mini-splits. Although popularized for being ductless, these systems can be ducted as well. The traditional mini-split system consists of an outdoor metal cabinet containing a compressor and condenser, as well as…


Ventilation can be key to keeping the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your commercial or industrial workspace, clean, fresh, and in some circumstances, non-toxic. Good IAQ is essential for the safety of you and your employees. Zion Custom Air specializes in all types of commercial ventilation systems including natural, mechanical, and mixed-mode. These systems are designed to remove fumes, dust…


Zion Custom Air is the superior choice for all of your commercial heating service needs. Whether your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita valley workspace hosts a central heating system using a furnace or heat-pump, ductless mini-split system, or boiler. You can trust Zion Custom Air to have the knowledge, and experience to ensure the proper function and controls of your…