With the majority of homes in California using a furnace as their home heating system, it is vital to keep these systems maintained and operating optimally in order to keep you and your loved ones safe and warm during the cold winter months. Zion Custom Air is the company you can count on using the highest of standards to install new, replace, repair, or maintain your furnace. Our professionals are experts in all parts of the furnace operation.  We are thorough in diagnosing, meticulous in installing, and we leave no screw unturned with our maintenance protocol. Innovations abound in the HVAC industry. Zion Custom Air stays well informed with these innovations and utilizes state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure the efficiency and peak performance that your furnace was designed for. This is especially important with furnaces, where combustion is frequently occurring and could possibly release toxic gas in your home. If you are experiencing any issues with your furnace, or just want to prevent any issue from arising with preventative maintenance, give us a call today! We value you, your home, and your comfort. 

Out-dated system beyond repair?

Nothing lasts forever. We, at Zion Custom Air, understand that sometimes a big fix can turn into a small fortune. So, rather than perform an expensive repair,  a new cost-effective, furnace may be a simple solution for your needs. As technology advances, so do the improvements in the HVAC industry. Replacing an outdated furnace that has turned into a dangerous money pit is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a new, higher efficiency unit that will produce huge savings to your bank account, as well as benefiting from rebates from your local energy company. Zion Custom Air uses high-quality equipment that will stand the test of time and with regular maintenance may run far beyond its predicted lifespan. At Zion Custom Air, we build furnace systems that last.

Secret to your HVAC system's success!

As a homeowner, not many things can be more frustrating than a costly unexpected expense.  At Zion Custom Air, we like to give our customers the best chance of avoiding such an expense with our maintenance agreement program. We recommend two visits per year; once before summer, and once before winter. At which time, our experts can provide vital maintenance that can help prevent future HVAC system failure and determine any areas of concern in the system as well. The maintenance contract program also allows you to protect the investment of your heating and cooling system. HVAC systems that are well maintained are less likely to fail and can run well beyond its 15 to 20-year life expectancy. Additionally, our maintenance agreement subscribers benefit from additional savings should a failure ever occur. 

Solution-oriented to give you options

In the unfortunate event when a failure in your heating system does occur, Zion Custom Air is here 24/7 for your heating emergencies. We understand that there may be multiple fixes to the same problem at varying price points. This is why we try to offer the best solution customized just for you and your needs. Perhaps your system is old and will be in need of replacement in a few years, instead of replacing your entire system, there may be a cost-effective repair which would allow you to get the most out of your system's lifespan. Our HVAC professionals are honest, friendly, and professional. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction, and our customers agree. We are proud to have 5-star reviews across all platforms. 


What is AFUE and What Does It Mean For My Energy Bill?

AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency for furnaces or boilers. So, the AFUE number on your furnace represents the percentage of fuel that is actually converted into heat when your furnace is running. So, if your furnace's AFUE number is 80, then that means that 80% of the of the fuel that it takes is is used for heat, while the remaining 10% is wasted in the exhaust. So, one can conclude that the higher AFUE number on your furnace will mean a smaller energy bill. For example, lets say you have a furnace with an AFUE of 65 AFUE. If you upgraded to the minimum standards of efficiency within the state of California, 80 AFUE, you are looking at an energy bill that is nearly 20% cheaper than your current bill. Practically, with normal heating use, this translates into nearly $200 of savings per year. Furnaces today can have up to a whopping 98 AFUE. Imagine the savings! Is your furnace on its last legs? If so, do you want to perform a costly repair your old unit, does it have a few more years left, or is it time for the newer higher efficiency unit. Zion Custom Air loves to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions about questions like these. No job is too large or too small for our specialists. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and your comfort as well as your finances is our priority. Don't hesitate to call Zion Custom Air if you would like a free estimate for a new heating system customized for your needs and built to last.



We Are Honest

Our service technicians at Zion Custom Air are precision experts in residential heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. We are transparent. We do not have "hidden costs," and never complete any work without prior approval. We will inform and educate, if our clients so wish, as to what the issue is, each step needed to perform the required service, and will also provide any necessary tips that may help prevent future issues.  Whether you are looking to install a new furnace,  or get your current furnace up and running in peak performanceyou can trust Zion Custom Air to have the knowledge to get the job done right.

We Take Pride In Our Work

With our meticulous workmanship, Zion Custom Air treats your Lancaster, Palmdale, or Santa Clarita home with the utmost of care. Our work is clean, precise, and we never cut corners nor leave any screw unturned. Every part of your heating system is thoroughly inspected and maintained. Our thoroughness aims to find the root cause or predetermining factors which may prevent future issues from arising in your equipment. This is the kind of customized care we provide in order to uphold the highest standards of service.  

We Help You Save Money

Who doesn't love a good deal? We try to find the lowest price for equipment and parts so that we can pass the savings onto our clients. In addition, by performing the job right the first time, we help you save time and money from having someone come out twice for the same issue. Our vehicles are fully stocked; we carry many of the parts needed for most repairs and maintenance of prevalent heating and air conditioning brands. This is so that we can get our clients up and running quickly with very little downtime. Furthermore, we like to offer multiple solutions with varying price points if at all possible in order to keep your costs low to preserve your finances. With Zion Custom Air, you get the best at a price you can afford. 

We Offer The Best Value

We do more for the same rate as other companies. Our customized full-service is the best in the industry. We stay current on all of the latest tools and technology to give the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of your residential HVAC system at no additional cost. When using Zion Custom Air for service, diagnostic fees are applied towards all repairs performed at the time of visit. By being available for emergency services 24/7, you can be sure that your heating and air conditioning issues will be solved quickly and efficiently.

We Value Every Client

We believe that comfort is not "one size fits all."  This is why we customize our service based on the needs of each individual homeowner in order to build long-lasting relationships. We couldn't do what we do without you. 

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