At Zion Custom Air, we know that an air conditioning system usually fails at the most inconvenient and hottest time. Our professionals at Zion Custom Air are highly trained in all residential air conditioning systems. We are solution-oriented and we strive to offer customized options that will accommodate your budget for your air conditioner repair. Zion Custom Air is honest and transparent with our service. We will never complete any air conditioning repair work without prior approval, so there are no surprises for any expense. We also apply the diagnostic fee to any necessary, subsequent repair. Our meticulous work ensures that the issue will be fixed the first time every time. We guarantee it! Zion Custom Air proudly offers emergency after hours services should the need ever arise. We are here 24/7 for our Newhall clients!

We Service All Types of Residential Cooling Systems

  • SPLIT-SYSTEM - A split-system consists of an outdoor metal cabinet that houses a compressor and a condenser in addition to an indoor unit that houses an evaporator coil mounted with an air handler (either a furnace or heat pump). The air handler and evaporative coil combo are connected to a central ductwork distribution network.

  • PACKAGE UNIT - In a packaged central air conditioner, the compressor, condenser, evaporative coil, and furnace are located in one metal cabinet. The package unit is connected to a central duct system used to circulate the cool air through your home. Package units can be located on the roof, or on a concrete slab near your home's foundation. 

  • DUCTLESS SYSTEM - Ductless systems are also known as mini-splits. The traditional mini-split system consists of an outdoor metal cabinet containing a compressor and condenser, as well as an indoor wall-mounted casing that houses the evaporator coil and a fan. Mini-split systems allow the user to separately control the temperatures in individual spaces. Ductless systems can be a good solution for areas where attic space is not accessible for extending or distributing ductwork. 

  • EVAPORATIVE COOLER - Evaporative coolers, commonly known as swamp coolers, are used in warmer climates with low humidity.  Evaporative cooling systems consist of a fan, a motor, a water pump, and water-saturated pads. Swamp coolers can be located on the roof, or on the side of your home.


We've Got You Covered

Zion Custom Air repairs all residential air conditioning equipment. Even if your brand is old, and perhaps obsolete, we have suppliers that can often retrofit components to work with older equipment. Sometimes, the unit is still under warranty. We try to find the most affordable and lasting solution to your air conditioning problem. We guarantee all of our work, and our replacement parts come with a 1-year warranty with labor. Contact us today for the best, most comprehensive service you can find. 



We Are Honest

Our service technicians at Zion Custom Air are expert troubleshooters in residential heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. We are transparent. We do not have "hidden costs," and never complete any work without prior approval. We will inform and educate, if our clients so wish, as to what the issue is, each step needed to perform the required service, and will also provide any necessary tips that may help prevent future issues.  Whether you are looking to install a new humidification system,  maintain your furnace before winter hits,  or repair the air conditioning system, you can trust Zion Custom Air to have the knowledge to get the job done right.

We Take Pride In Our Work

With our meticulous workmanship, Zion Custom Air treats your home with the utmost of care. Not only will we solve your air conditioning issue, but our work is clean, precise, and we never cut corners nor leave any screw unturned. Every part of your home comfort system is thoroughly inspected, maintained, and tested. Our thoroughness aims to find the root cause or predetermining factors that may prevent future issues from arising in your equipment. This is the kind of customized care we provide in order to uphold the highest standards of service.

We Help You Save Money

Who doesn't love a good deal? We try to find the lowest price for equipment and parts so that we can pass the savings onto our clients. In addition, by performing the job right the first time, we help you save time and money from having someone come out twice for the same issue. Our vehicles are fully stocked; we carry many of the parts needed for most repairs and maintenance of prevalent heating and air conditioning brands. This is so that we can get our clients up and running quickly with very little downtime. Furthermore, we like to offer multiple solutions with varying price points if at all possible in order to keep your costs low to preserve your finances. 

We Offer The Best Value

We do more for the same rate as other companies. Our customized full-service is the best in the industry. We stay current on all of the latest tools and technology to give the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of your residential HVAC system at no additional cost. By being available for emergency services 24/7, you can be sure that your heating and air conditioning issues will be solved quickly and efficiently.

We Value Every Client

We believe that comfort is not "one size fits all."  This is why we customize our service based on the needs of each individual homeowner in order to build long-lasting relationships. We couldn't do what we do without you. 

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